Wind finally coming back to WA today

Been nearly a week since we’ve had any decent amount of wind over this way, so it’s nice to see a return of the summer seabreezes today. The windows were rattling from about 10am this morning — usually a good sign.  Seabreeze says we’ll get around 20 knots from the South, usually an indicator of about 25 knots at the beach up and down Geraldton.


Water is a beautiful 24.5 degrees or so this time of year and a top air temperature of about 24 and hardly a cloud in sight. So, if you’re not anchored to a desk somewhere, it’d be a great afternoon for a kite in Gero.

Got away from the beach for a bit of an exploratory excursion into the proper Outback on a work assignment last week. If  you haven’t been out that way, get your kit together and have a shot at it sometime. Not the best place in summer but I can imagine it’d be magic in winter. Last week it cracked 35+C every day — a full 10C hotter than the coastal communities. I can easily understand how the Pilbarra can crack 50C on the odd occasion. You have to really respect and admire how the Aboriginal people would have been able to survive in these conditions for 35,000 years before we rocked up with out air conditioning and 4WDs and water carted in from the cities. I couldn’t see any evidence of naturally-occurring water at any place we visited. Absolutely amazing.

If you have a Google account, you can view the gallery of photos here — otherwise, I thing you can tick a box somewhere and request permission to view the gallery.


Best wishes,



Road trip to Mambo Part 2

wpid-DSC_0140.jpgAfter a great mornings surf at the Golf course reef I’ve hit the road again and worked my way down through Batemans Bay and gone looking for some wind down at Moroya Heads. I’ve heard about this great surf break on the sea wall and wanted to check it out. In the end I’ve ended up at the a nice beach just south of the harbour entrance and there is about 12 knots. The sun is out and I’ve got nothing better to do so I’ve pumped up the 12m and gone for a play.

wpid-DSC_0136.jpgSuper light conditions and its hard to stay upwind but its nice and sunny and quiet so I’m super happy. Found a good empty camp site for the night and was happy to pay the $20 for a quiet night and a hot shower.






Slow morning chilling and doing some reading and it’s back on the road again. Before I left I ran into these little fellas just chilling and wanting to say hi. It’s pretty hard going you know.

Heading south I’m taking the coast road and pulling off the freeway to check out some few spots. The road that goes via Bermagui along the coast is magic. Probably one of the best motorcycle roads I’ve found in the country if you are into that kind of thing. There is national park all along it so camping isn’t a problem and it crosses some really good flat water spots like (for the life of me I can’t find it again on the map. I’ll fill this in later but it looked great!!)

The original plan was to stop another day half way to Merimbula but then my phone starts bleeping with sms’s that the event starts on Thursday. Hmmmm, quick change of plans and I head all the way to Merimbula. There is a real lack of surf and wind so it wasn’t a real problem. I stopped at so many places and all I say was golden sand, clear blue sea and no waves..

wpid-DSC_0144.jpgAnyway. Not the best update in the world, I’m a day behind now. This really is a magic stretch of coast that I’ve never had the time to explore. I’ll be back I think to do more exploring!







Road trip to Mambo Part 1

It was a pretty laid back start to the trip if I have to be honest. The rain that has been belting down the coast wasn’t really motivating for a week long road trip. But I’ve got the week off work and I’m sure there is some wind, sun and surf SOMEWHERE!

A few hours south of Sydney and I decided to pull into Kiama to check out the wind. It’s almost always windy at the first beach you past coming into Kiama with the train tracks right up next to it. It’s still raining at this point and looking at the charts and map it doesn’t look too flash for the southerly thats coming in. Also giving it the once over inspection, I’ll be honest it isn’t the safest place for a solo kite in limited visibility. A quick check of the map shows the next really viable beach to kite is Werri beach, hey I’ve surfed there before.

Mambo Trip Day11

This is the site that welcomed me to Werri beach! It’s not the nicest view to welcome you to a days kiting. Anyway, it seems windy lets hit it!

Mambo Trip Day12

The south end of the beach simply doesn’t work in a southerly, its proper protected. with a bit of east it could actually work and there is a nice wave at the point that would work will on a good day. This chap was getting stuck into it.

I went out from about the middle of the beach. It’s really gusty and the surf is pretty wild. I wasn’t game enough to stick the go-pro on to be honest. Self launching with the go-pro on the front lines will go one of two ways, one of those sucks. There is a huge rip in the middle of the beach here and the current up the shore is pushing me upwind like crazy, this is really odd and I couldn’t tell how windy it really was. If I got out the back I was a bit underpowered on the 9 but close in I was powered up. There are some big sucky slabs hitting a sandbar half way out so I decided just to stick in the powered up section and play about a bit. It was quite fun but the current is really strong, at one point I’m going down the line on a wave with loads of power, I look at the shore and I’m not even moving! Really weird..

The rain eventually killed play after about an hour with the wind getting all fluffy and weird. Wish visibility down to about 100m I call it and head in.

One good safety tip I can give for days like these when it really is suspect is flick a message to someone that knows what your doing, tell them where you are and when you think you’ll be back. Thinking back to a few accidents anything can happen and no-one here is likely to notice.

Anyway, Onwards down to Mollymook for the night. The storms are still going so no real action in the arvo. It’s nice to get a snooze in.

Tuesday morning brings SUN and WAVES. Woohoo! for 1 hour this morning I had a 2-3ft glassy break all to myself! Now thats how it should be!

Here are some pics from today.


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I was sent this link today from a good friend of mine who as it happens has been keeping a blog about his kite surfing life since WAY back in 2003! He obviously has been going over his website as he sent me the first article he posted on it that sums up how it was back in 2003 and how excited people get.

It makes for a quite amusing read, I’m pretty sure he was on speed or acid when he wrote it as it is a total rambling of stuff before not much about actually kiting. I’m glad to see he has improved along the way!

The rest of his blog waiting for the wind is worth a look at too, his google map showing all the places he has kite surfed is included below. here.

Alex has been part of the Sydney Kite community for some time now and has been a regular instructor at the NSWKBA Kite Chicks weekends which is how we first met. He’s mad keen for kite surfing and his enthusiasm is quite contagious.

Alex also runs Divine Kiting that provides an all-inclusive travel experience to help you learn to kite surf with an all in approach whilst taking in locations that are not the usual Sydney based locations.

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Alex (the one on the kite) re-enacts the famous Richard Branson shot with the model. I’m not sure which is nicer to look at, actually I’m really sure which one I’d rather look at!

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Picked up this great google maps capture today showing the GPS track of the 2013 Torres Kite Crossing. Pretty impressive stuff from the boys and girls that pushed themselves to raise money for charity. I was on the trip and I’m still impressed by what was achieved. The total distance travelled was up in the 360-400km range.

Photo and GPS track courtesy of Phil Barton and Richard Hatherall.

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Hi All,

As one of the team members of the Pink Torres Crossing Team I’m really proud to post up this final full edit cut of our expedition diary filmed by Josh and Frankie of Just watching this back brings back lots of great memories of the trip and a few spooky shots of me! If you ever get thrown a bone to jump on something you would never normally do don’t think about it, just take it, you can never know where it may lead. Thanks Alex..

A big Shout out to Geoff from 5th element expeditions also, Geoff is a machine and will be doing a solo Antarctic crossing at the end of the year with kites! Good luck Geoff.


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Now this is how to really rig it! Our good friend Mr Cole recently forgot his spreader bar on a small trip away. With a lack of spares and no shop in sight he went about making the ‘Cole Special’.

Sydney kiter Cole here did the hard yards with this baby, 400km from the tip to PNG waters in rough seas. There is one side effect to doing this however, he’s lost a waste size (that’s good right) and his hips are now wider front to back than they are sideways! He’s also walking like a crab. Good work Nick.

What he’s done here is take you every day tie down strap, loop it multiple time through the metal clips that would normally hold the bar, stick in a few granny knots for good measure and slap a giant shackle on it. I’m impressed that he found all the components required to do this on a 4×4 bus on the track to the tip of Cape York. It gets a full 3/5 chainsaws on the crazy scale from me :)

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My good friend Jess compiled a quick clip of her go-pro handheld footage from the Torres Crossing 2013. For me this video brings back great memories and will always be an inspiration to get off my bum and go and do something. Well done Jess.

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