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I was sent this link today from a good friend of mine who as it happens has been keeping a blog about his kite surfing life since WAY back in 2003! He obviously has been going over his website as he sent me the first article he posted on it that sums up how it was back in 2003 and how excited people get.

It makes for a quite amusing read, I’m pretty sure he was on speed or acid when he wrote it as it is a total rambling of stuff before not much about actually kiting. I’m glad to see he has improved along the way!

The rest of his blog waiting for the wind is worth a look at too, his google map showing all the places he has kite surfed is included below. here.

Alex has been part of the Sydney Kite community for some time now and has been a regular instructor at the NSWKBA Kite Chicks weekends which is how we first met. He’s mad keen for kite surfing and his enthusiasm is quite contagious.

Alex also runs Divine Kiting that provides an all-inclusive travel experience to help you learn to kite surf with an all in approach whilst taking in locations that are not the usual Sydney based locations.

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Alex (the one on the kite) re-enacts the famous Richard Branson shot with the model. I’m not sure which is nicer to look at, actually I’m really sure which one I’d rather look at!

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Jon has made his best video flight to date with perfect weather over Dee Why. Great views and good work Jon.

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Picked up this great google maps capture today showing the GPS track of the 2013 Torres Kite Crossing. Pretty impressive stuff from the boys and girls that pushed themselves to raise money for charity. I was on the trip and I’m still impressed by what was achieved. The total distance travelled was up in the 360-400km range.

Photo and GPS track courtesy of Phil Barton and Richard Hatherall.

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As you can see the new look kitesurfing.com.au website is starting to grow and develop quite nicely. We have had some very nice positive feedback on the site and it would appear that you guys and gals are happy that it’s back and active.

Part of keeping the site active, up to date, interesting and part of the kitesurfing community for Sydney and beyond is getting great content from everyone to share. We have a nice new photo portfolio that can showcase some of the brilliant sessions and photos taken by everyone so please, if you have some great content you want to share please email them to pete@kitesurfing.com.au so we can post them up to share.

We are also looking at more ways to push the website into a more useful tool for people. Currently we are looking at starting an online shop selling some branded gear for everyone, gear reviews, more accurate kite spot info in Sydney and local rider profiles.

Did you also know that if you twitter a photo to @kitesurfingaus it will show up on the site? It does and it works really well. So if you are at the beach and it’s going off or even if you are chilling having beers on the beach waiting for the wind, tweet up that photo and let us know what you are upto. Maybe someone will come and join you for a beer!

Please let us know what you’d like to see from the website by commenting in the comments section below and we’ll work on making it so.

We look forward to hearing from you..