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For a fair portion of 2012/2013 our mate Dave has been hard at work on a small private project to build the world best kite buggy. he’s had some great success with his product and it is a pretty serious piece of kit. You can check it out here @

Back in September last year Dave had his first prototype ready to go. The weekend was picked in advance, all leave passes were approved, the location was chosen as Stockton Beach in Newcastle, we were locked in!

Then came the weekend of the 11th September 2012. WIND : 50+ knots. SEA : HUGE. BEACH : err, what beach! The east coast of NSW was hit by a huge storm. It had been brewing for a few days and had not stopped raining for days. But we were locked in so we had to bite the bullet and go.

Now we’ve never used a kite buggy before, we are all good kite surfers but this is different stuff. We opted for the safety of the 1m foil kite and that was getting ripped out of our hands at times on the Saturday. The Sunday proved a little nicer and we could remove some of the snow boarding gear we’d been wearing on the Saturday – in September!.

Anyway, below is a gallery of some of the images we got that weekend. Hope you enjoy.

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Whoa. What a weekend. All planned nearly on at the last minute (as usual). Initial idea was a camping trip, then, Selena and Chris booked a house that included some available beds and floor space on a first-come basis. Everybody managed to get in except Simon and Tracey, (sorry guys) who camped across the road at Jimmys.

Loads of new arrivals on the crew lately. Final crew count was around 15 I’d say (plus gremmies Amelie and Robert) . Seems kitesurfing is the thing for South Africans this year. Let’s see… Paul, Bobbie Jo, Arthur, plus the existing SA crew of Tam, Gregg, Coert and Ant… plus Terry, a student who joined us with GF Dee on Saturday for a lesson, that makes nine. Guess you guys are the majority now, eh? ;-) Oh, and none of these guys except Bobbie Jo and Paul knew each other before kitesurfing …How’s that for coincidence?

Saturday morning was a leisurely brekkie followed by a wind check visit to Jimmys. Turns out there was a windsurfing comp on up the other end with about 100 windsurfers. Luckily, they stayed plenty downwind of us. Late arvo we got about 15-18 knots of SSW and a chance for a fun session on flat water, despite some rain, so no pics. Perfect conditions for everyone from complete beginners to experts.

Saturday night was the requisite visit to the Tea Gardens Pub.

Sunday was a late start and eventual trek up the beach to Little Gibber Headland/Sandy Point. Beau, Gregg and I got a few head high fun waves in the surf while everyone else worked on their tans getting ready for the wind.


Round 4 o’clock the nor’easter kicked in, another crew from Newcastle turned up and headed off before us.  Tony, Beau, Gregg, Chris, Simon, Scotty and I made up the ‘boarded’ crew and Paul decided to body drag it. Brave man. I heard on Tuesday that the Newie crew had seen a couple of Whities on the way down. All I saw was a huge pod of about 100 dolphins, jumping all around, some completely out of the water, less than 3m away. Some of the biggest dolphins I’ve ever seen, many of ‘em more than 3m long. The dolphin experience is always cool–no matter how many times you’ve seen it or experienced being in the middle of it, you never tire of it and they never lose their ability hold you in awe of how cool they are.

On the way down, took our time riding waves, jumping off big ramps out the back in perfect 15-18 knot nor’easters.  Huge airs, loads of big cutties on the waves, magnificent conditions. Google Earth says 11.2km beginning to end. If you assume about .5 km per tack and maybe 80 tacks, I’d say all up we probably kited 40 km or more in about 2.5 hours, finishing up at the Hawks Nest Surf Club right on dark.

The girls revelled in driving the 4WDs down the beach as the support crew and did and exemplary job, stopping to shoot video numerous times along the way.  Many thanks to Bobbie Jo, Selena, Tam, Alison and Tracey. Well done girls.

Monday, after the traditional chow down on about 110 of Selenas legendary pancakes, we stopped off in Umina where half an hour after our arrival we were greeted with a 25knot southerly that blew the rest of the day. The pictures tell the story. Arthur flew an inflatable kite for the first time on Saturday and by Sunday was up and riding on the board. Congratulations and welcome aboard mate. Your life will change forever now…

Great weekend all. Thanks to everyone who made it along for the great company. Great vibe all around, everyone reasonably well-behaved (as much as you’d want anyway) and only one complaint from a grouchy neighbour at 1am on Friday night, but he came out and had a friendly chat with us on Monday.

Everyone who didn’t make it—dang. Ya missed a good one. Til next time.



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In the Archive here we’ve dug up some photos of a trip to the snow. I’m taking a punt at 2005/2006. No Kites to be seen tho. maybe its too early!


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Text from the Original post by Rob.

Last November, when I last saw Miccie and Caro in Merimbula, they mentioned in passing that they’d be heading over to NZ after a stop in Sydney in December/January and why don’t I come and join them on the trip. I wrote it off as just polite conversation, not really taking it seriously. Well, come January in Sydney the invite went out again and then again, so I reckoned it musta been fair dinkum so I started to give it some thought. On less than two weeks notice in high season I guessed that the chances of getting flights would be about zero to nil. Well, surprisingly, I rang Qantas and sure enough, seats available in both directions, so flights booked! Continue reading ARCHIVE : NEW ZEALAND PHOTOS