Wind finally coming back to WA today

Been nearly a week since we’ve had any decent amount of wind over this way, so it’s nice to see a return of the summer seabreezes today. The windows were rattling from about 10am this morning — usually a good sign.  Seabreeze says we’ll get around 20 knots from the South, usually an indicator of about 25 knots at the beach up and down Geraldton.


Water is a beautiful 24.5 degrees or so this time of year and a top air temperature of about 24 and hardly a cloud in sight. So, if you’re not anchored to a desk somewhere, it’d be a great afternoon for a kite in Gero.

Got away from the beach for a bit of an exploratory excursion into the proper Outback on a work assignment last week. If  you haven’t been out that way, get your kit together and have a shot at it sometime. Not the best place in summer but I can imagine it’d be magic in winter. Last week it cracked 35+C every day — a full 10C hotter than the coastal communities. I can easily understand how the Pilbarra can crack 50C on the odd occasion. You have to really respect and admire how the Aboriginal people would have been able to survive in these conditions for 35,000 years before we rocked up with out air conditioning and 4WDs and water carted in from the cities. I couldn’t see any evidence of naturally-occurring water at any place we visited. Absolutely amazing.

If you have a Google account, you can view the gallery of photos here — otherwise, I thing you can tick a box somewhere and request permission to view the gallery.


Best wishes,



Cooking in WA today! Wind later.

Smokin day today but not at all unpleasant. 35C and 30% humidity. Bring it on. SUMMER!

Wind is a little crazy at the moment, but seems to be slowly organising itself enough for a kite and should be good by the time you get to the beach!

Check out these two awesome videos I found on YouTube today of a kite trip Up and Down the WA coast with some great kiting.



4NovWeatherSnapshot at 130pm



Hey Crew,

All systems GO for the next week in West Oz. Huey is turning on the tap and we should have great wind all week. Big G’DAY to Tony Armstrong from HangGlideOz who dropped in for a cuppa tonight on the way to Gnaraloo for a few days prior to heading back to Wedge Island for the National Wave Titles on the weekend.

Had an awesome time on the weekend up north of here in a remote spot. LOADS of potential as a flat water location.

123 Geraldton DSC_9175X

Geraldton Monday

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A bit light on Monday but still worth getting in the water. I’m told there was plenty out there today as well!

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Nice little sunset session at Point Moore on Saturday. Looks like more to come tomorrow!




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Geraldton Update 6 Sept 2013

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Hello crew,

Hope all’s well. Time for an update from the Wild and Windy West.

It’s not summer in Gero yet, but the weather is definitely on the improve the last week or so. Still dipping into single digits in the middle of the  night but we’re consistently hitting the 20s every day now and it’s feeling great.

Here’s some superb footage of Geraldton beachfront taken with a small drone copter a few weeks ago.

There’s been a bit of swell running this week and some reasonable waves, but can’t say I’ve seen much to get really excited about. Looks like the SUPs dominate most of the surfing locally, though there are a few good spots where you can ride a normal shortboard.

On a brighter note, the Sea Breezes are starting to show signs of returning and getting pretty excited about that. I was sacked by my boss at work a few weeks ago so now have some time to get out and about for a while while looking for a new job. Not at all happy about how it’s all worked out, with some abominable behaviours going un-punished. But the story isn’t over yet.


Sunset Beach and Drummond Cove over the past few days.

Sunset1 sunsset4 Drummonds9b Drummonds6

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Geraldton gets an early start to the windy season this year… +R.I.P. 9m REV2. Thanks for the good times!

Well, blow me down! Had a walk down to the beach this afternoon about 3pm and low and behold–two days in a row, there’s a seabreeze! Easy 15 knots, perhaps even a bit more at first, and straight cross-shore, and smoooooth as!

Rushed back to the house to grab the gear and then back to the beach only to discover I’d left my pump hose in the garage. Bolt back, grab the hose and pumped up the 9m and off I went. A bit uneasy as it was the first time I’d kited this spot and not a soul in sight anywhere. Flat water and not too deep so wasn’t that worried. Managed about four runs out past the end of the reef and back again and about 100m out on the way back, BANG! No idea, but then looked up to see the kite falling out of the sky! Dang! Swam in, towing the kite, by now full of water. Pulled it up on to the beach to discover that the bladder had manage to make it’s way out through the zipper hold and exploded. At the end of the season earlier in the year, had repaired one of the pesky valve seats and must not have closed the zipper properly. And all that work… So, at this stage, looks like it will probably be retired.  Been a good kite, despite the infamous P-Line issues and otherwise no complaints about it at all. R.I.P. 9m REV2. Thanks for all the good times. Wind only lasted another hour or so anyway and couldn’t be bothered to pump up the other kite.






Some swell this week; maybe a bit of wind.

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Wind was forecast to hit 15 knots on Sunday–which it did–for about half an hour. But the surf was decent. Well, decent in that it had some size to it. A bit too much actually.

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Messy Drummond Cove

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Here are the conditions today in Drummond Cove. Onshore messy 25knots didn’t look too appealing to get wet on with rain squalls every 15 mins.

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Welcome to Geraldton

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So Rob and Kat have moved to Geraldton in WA. This has left a huge hole in the center of the universe know as Dee Why. Thank goodness for Skype!

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It looks to me like the butt end of nowhere but Rob assures me it is a nice place. I’m pretty sure I have been through there on my travels in the past and kited there.

Anyway, The blog posts that follow here are all about WA. Rob and Kat will be posting up here.

We miss you Rob & Kat


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