Ian Young, Perth to NW Cape — Mission Update, Day 2 — 8 November 2014

Just spoke with Ian at 10:30am. He’s in Jurien, finishing a coffee.

A bit sore and battered from nearly 9 hours on the water battling some pretty beefy swell of nearly 4m for most of yesterday but, as expected (if you know Ian) he’s as fresh in attitude and motivation as ever and ready to hit the water again. His goal is to reach somewhere around Dongara by evening, but there probably won’t be enough time and wind to reach Geraldton today.

Kites and other equipment, with the exception of a couple of hours unexplained outage on the GPS tracker have been all good.

Ian passes along his thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. If you haven’t already done so, head over to the “Soldier-On” site and make a donation to help out our Australian veterans!


Cheers, Rob


Kitesurfer Ian Young has left Perth Western Australia today on an epic downwinder of more than 1,300km — From Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia, across some of the most inhospitable and inaccessible coastline in the world.


Ian Young


You can follow Ian’s progress in real time at  http://nano.sjy.id.au

Here’s  information from Ian and his team in Perth:

Ian Young is a veteran of more than 22 years service in the Australian Army and has set himself a personal goal of kitesurfing from Perth to the North-West Cape, more than 1300km.

There are many veterans who suffer a variety of health issues and we would like to use this adventure  to increase the awareness of these problems.

Many of us suffer from “donor fatigue” these days with so many “good” causes that need to be tackled, however can I please ask you to consider donating to help those veterans who put their lives on the line to serve their country and now need your help.  Once you have donated you will receive a tax receipt straight away to your email address. All donations made from this link will go straight to Soldier On.

So, please help me help Soldier On by giving what you can to this great cause. https://soldieron.giveeasy.org/campaigns/kitesurfing-perth-to-the-north-west-cape/

You can also “share” my page with your friends or leave a comment or “like it”. It all helps!


We plan to connect with Ian as he approaches Geraldton in the next few days and ride with him on at least part of the journey–hopefully on Saturday — Contact me if you’re interested in joining us!  

More information about Ian and the project:

Thanks for the opportunity to help raise awareness of the good work http://Soldieron.org.au do to help service men and women that are suffering as a result of their duty for their country.

Some of the background links you might find useful:

Wish Ian well for a safe and successful journey!

Ian Young



Ian leaving Perth on Friday morning (below)