Arghhhh.. We’ve had a few problems…

Hi All,

If you’ve been trying to get onto the website recently you may have noticed that its been down. Basically some internet troll had found a way to use our website to spam the rest of the world with rubbish emails and we were blocked by our provider until it was sorted. Well this took a while and now are back up (well sort of)

The look of the website has been changed as the wizzy theme we had was part of the problem so I’ve quickly changed it something else. It’s not desirable but gets the job done until I get a chance to look at it again.

Please bare with us whilst we get it all back again and keep checking back. we are hoping the site will run quicker now it’s not sending 1000’s of emails.

Join us for the Australia Day downwinder in Geraldton

JOIN US FOR A BIT OF FUN ON AUSTRALIA DAY — The bus will collect everyone from the foreshore when the wind gets going and drop us around Tarcoola/Wandina and we do the Downwinder back to Point Moore where we’ll bus it back to the foreshore for a BBQ at Champion Bay. (all to be confirmed on the day, depending on conditions.)

An easy downwinder. No scary bits. Just a bit of reef to watch out for. Just for fun!

Register now to make sure you don’t miss out, then meet us at the foreshore near the Kite West tent before midday. Check the Geraldton Airlines link above on the morning of Australia Day for more current schedule and information.

See you on Oz Day!

West Coast is rocking…




 Windy? Yep.


True to form, the Windy West has been living up to its reputation this summer.

Although we did get off to a rather late start, it’s all happening now. Our new Drummond Cove/Coronation Beach weather station has now been running trouble-free for a couple of weeks.

You can check it out here or go to “West Oz” on the drop-down menu on the home page.

Working on a few enhancements to the display to make it a bit easier to read — any feedback or suggestions most appreciated!

Thanks for visiting, and let us know if you need any advice for travel plans or kiting spots in the MidWest to Northwest of WA.


Finish line in sight.

Spoke with Ian this morning. He’s all amped, in great shape and great spirits for the final charge to the finish line. 40km more, and it’d done!

TV stations and newspapers have taken a big interest in the past day or so and the Sunday Time wants to do an article for this week’s newspaper; TV stations are chasing video footage and the ABC will be interviewing Ian live on-air in Geraldton on Friday or Saturday, depending on when they arrive back this way.

Current ETA on the finish line is expected to be between 15oo-1530hrs this afternoon at Jansz Beach in Exmouth just SW of the Lighthouse.

GPS: (cut and paste into Google maps)

-21.8276, 114.073

Stay tuned, more to follow.


40k. One more day.

Ian and the crew are at Turquoise Bay for the night, resting up for the final day of the mission tomorrow. After some sensational hospitality from Phil and Jane at Ningaloo Station last night he’s hoofed it up to within 40km of Exmouth. .

More as it comes in from Ian tomorrow.


Ningaloo 4 Ningaloo_2_1236183_10204236985258882_6438228438028044628_n Ningaloo_1_1960979_10204236984138854_6849320988245939672_o