A strapless kitesurfing session at Long Reef & Dee Why

Gallery of Hans strapless kitesurfing at Dee Why

Hans sent through these great go-pro images from a strapless kitesurfing session he managed to jag the other day.┬áThis was Sunday’s great session I believe where we were blessed my sunshine and cranking winds. Even I managed to get down for my first kite in a while and got out on the 7m! Fab stuff Hans, keep the pictures rolling in.

If you haven’t yet tried strapless kitesurfing it’s easy to give it a go! A lot of people are put off by the thought of being strapless and whilst it does take a lot of practice it will always improve your kitesurfing skills and make a more rounded kiter. If you want a lending hand and some coaching on strapless kiting get in touch with Pete here at the site and he can help you through the process.

Another good read is Rob’s articles on choosing a surfboard for strapless kitesurfing. It’s a 3┬ápart article and a great read.

PART 1 – How to choose a strapless surfboard

PART 2 – How to choose a strapless surfboard

PART 3 – How to choose a strapless surfboard

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