TIPS : How to never forget your bar & lines again.

One thing that seems to be pretty common on the beach is lost gear! I just had a look at the lost and founds over at SeaBreeze and see lots of lost bars, helmets and cameras etc. It seems to be more common with learners who are not into a comfortable routine with their setup and de-rig and still over complicate things by having lots of gear out on the grass or are recovering tangled lines and wet kites etc. It’s interesting looking at the lost gear (we have a few unclaimed bars still on our lost gear section) is that lines are always wrapped up so the intention was to probably take that gear home! :)

Here is the ONE single thing you need to know so you will NEVER loose your bar or helmet again (if all goes to plan)..

Never put your bar or helmet down! This sounds pretty strange but its actually very simple.

When you have wrapped your bar and lines up simply use your chicken loop and donkey dick to hook your bar to the back of your harness (if you have no strap just stick it down the back of your harness) instead of putting them on the floor. Now all you need to do is not take your harness off when getting to the car and put it directly into the boot where you can put the bar in its bag etc. This will work with helmets too!

There are heaps on benefits for doing this. Less sand, not loosing stuff, less to carry and less to drop.

See the attached picture to see what we mean.

We really hope this helps you to keep your gear safe and sound.


FOUND : Bar and Lines @ Fishermans 29 Dec 2013

Some people are obviously after new gear for xmas and just leaving stuff laying about!

Gav found this offending item on the storm drain at the end of Ocean Grove. If it’s yours then I feel for you and can only advise a 6 pack of beers whilst sorting this out. I’m guessing you found the seaweed too!

If you’d like to claim it or know who’s it might be please contact us at