Snow kiting location map for Australia

The good chaps (Marty) over at the facebook kosi kiters group have knocked up this wicked map for snow kiting locations in the Snowy Mountains!

Whilst this map may fill you with excitement for getting out there please remember the following! Snow Kiting is f-ing dangerous! The top of a mountain can/will kill you if you are not prepared! it’s cold, the weather / visibility can change in the blink of an eye, winds are GUSTY, they are usually either light or stupendously windy, you can travel a LONG way without realising so you need to be prepared to walk (with skins on skis or snow shoes) if the wind dies or you pop a kite. The rule here is never kite further than you are prepared to walk! Remember, if you hurt yourself and can’t get down someone else has to, it either screws up everyone elses day or costs a shit load in chopper fees, oh and mobiles don’t work so well up there!

That said, it’s awesome fun and we’ll be up there as much as possible! If you are going up, let someone know when you should be down and where you were intending to be. :)

[googlemap src=”,148.380661&spn=0.195049,0.363579&dg=feature” height=”600″ align=”aligncenter” ]

Snow kiting session @ Thredbo

Hi All,

This weekend I managed to get my first good now kite in! I was up in Thredbo for the weekend for a birthday weekend away and managed to sneak away on the Saturday and hook up with a few of the local snow nutters and get a really good session in!

I learnt a LOT in my first proper session that I’ll share at a later time. Some really useful tips that I learnt from the others that make life easier and safer. It’s bloody dangerous on top of the mountain so you need to take care. So after more that 15 years off ski’s I thought I’d strap on a pair and give it a good go, I didn’t break a leg so all went well. Big Thanks to Martin for all the help, can’t wait to get up there with Jen Milton and get some serious training in.

For those people thinking about heading up and giving it a go we’ll get some good safety tips for you up here! Here are some pics that I managed to snap whilst up there. I’m riding the Cabrinha 7m Drifter here (2014) with the new – and fantastic – 2015 X1 Overdrive bar! What a huge improvement!


Welcome on board Jenny Milton

Top news everyone!

It’s cold, there is SNOW and we’ve got one of the BEST (and literally best) snow kiters in the world to join with us and help pimp Snow Kiting. Jenny Milton is one of our summer Northern Beaches surf kiters and spends her time between Sydney and Alaska!

Jen is constantly pushing the limits on snow and water, is a regular kitechicks coach and will be running snow kiting camps in the snowies this year. (I for one will be there!)

Welcome Jen! Looking forward to you first posts.

If this picture below doesn’t give you the horn for Snow Kiting then I don’t know what will! – Take a close look in the middle, she’s in there somewhere.

Jen Milton Alaska1