Happy New Year!!

Hi All,

It’s been a big year for kitesurfing.com.au. New website, new following, Rob moving to WA. Finally the Northern Beaches is getting wind.

On behalf of myself and Robbo we’d like to thank you for your support over the last year, things are still improving here and we’ve got some exciting stuff lined up for the beginning of next year.

I’ll be taking a trip down south to Kurnell on New Years day for a session with some south side mates so if you are about come and say hi!

For 2014 we are hoping for less of this :
and more of this

At least the weather forecast for Sydney is better than it was on Xmas day! Here is a few of us after a cold and wet ‘just for the hell of it’ kite at Dee Why on Xmas day!!

Thanks again and Happy New Year to you all.

Pete & Rob

FOUND : Bar and Lines @ Fishermans 29 Dec 2013

Some people are obviously after new gear for xmas and just leaving stuff laying about!

Gav found this offending item on the storm drain at the end of Ocean Grove. If it’s yours then I feel for you and can only advise a 6 pack of beers whilst sorting this out. I’m guessing you found the seaweed too!

If you’d like to claim it or know who’s it might be please contact us at pete@kitesufing.com.au



VIDEO : Playing with windsurfers..

I hope everyone has been having a brilliant Xmas break in Sydney or where ever you are from, We’ve had wind pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks and I’ll admit that I’m sore!

Just before Xmas we had a really nice southerly come into Long Reef, it was sunny and warm and a good 25 knots. I hit it up on my new 2014 7m Cabrinha Drifter. Long Reef was PACKED and I’m glad I held off until after lunch when the numbers dropped. It was good to see lots of windsurfers out on the water and people getting along well.

Just to prove a point my friend Norway (Janice) and I went and had a good little muck about with the go-pro. See, windsurfers and kiters CAN live harmoniously.. just keep your eyes open and look before you turn.


Xmas week forecast

With Xmas only 2 sleeps away now the mood in the air has changed. Traffic is light, the office is relaxed and slow, kids are running about full of sugar and the hangovers seem to last longer. :(

The last few weeks have given us some fantastic conditions for kiting all over Sydney. I for one have lost track now of the back to back days of kiting. I’m totally spent and sore. Botany took a good beating yesterday with 30knots of wind and the Beaches were very kitable too with some perfect surf.

Looking forward at the week to come, I see a lot of beers being consumed.. – oops, wrong forecast.. :)

The forecast at the BOM isn’t too flash, we’ve got possible showers and high 20’s. This to me says sticky sticky sticky. Seabreeze¬†doesn’t forecast much wind but keep an eye it changing. I’d think we’d get something light and kitable about Sydney over the Xmas break so keep the big kites handy. It’s looking bleak until next weekend but stay positive and ready to pounce.

Remember the fuzz are out and it’s double demerits so no speeding to the beach!

Stay safe and fingers crossed..

Pete & Robbo



Blast from the past : A Picnic Point Mission!

Ok, for the last of the ‘Blast from the past’ posts for a while I’ve dug up a vid that I made waaaay back. I sort of remember these times. I was riding a 10m Turbo Diesel back then that I remember correctly was a total handful and really powerful, it was a good kite when it wasn’t inverted and trying to kill you! Emily (if you remember her) was still here and Aya was just learning. Those that remember Das Manly Kite Haus should also remember ‘Arnie’ or Andre the giant and Gav who is still riding the 14m GK Sonic light wind wonder kite.

Picnic Point is up at the Entrance on the central coast. It’s one of the only spots that really works in winter time and can produce some bonkers westerly conditions with epic flat, cold water.

I remember this day as we all bunked off work to head up there for the day on a mid-week mission. It really was cold! I’ve not been up to Picnic Point for a while but the last time I was there the field where we used to launch from is quite overgrown now and the weed in the lake can be a problem. Still it’s a good spot. Actually, I do remember the last time I was there now. It was my birthday in May last year and TwoFin and I both had to buy twin tips so we didn’t have to kite on surfboards all day!

Here is a map of where Picnic Point is for those that don’t know.

[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=The+Entrance,+New+South+Wales,+Australia&hl=en&ll=-33.324504,151.491165&spn=0.189909,0.358086&sll=-33.823368,151.307831&sspn=0.188814,0.358086&oq=the+entrance&hnear=The+Entrance+New+South+Wales,+Australia&t=m&z=12″ width=”100%” height=”400″ align=”aligncenter”]

Blast from the past : A kite trip to Fiji in 2008

I love digging through old stuff. Another blast from the past was a holiday I took back in 2008 to Fiji with Glenn from Xshore. The trip was stunning with some incredible locations.

A few of the local crew were there also, BVZ (retired), Aya and Shane.

Fiji really is a top location for a kite holiday if you are lucky with wind. I’d love to hit up more waves if I go there next time.

This video is only part 1, Old youTube time limits must have been why the whole thing isn’t there. I’m going to have to dig for part 2!


VIDEO : Old Bar quadcopter footage

Here is a spectacular video by Jezza shot up at Old Bar the other day. Jezza is getting gutsy now with the quadcopter and is getting some stunning footage. Well done Jezza. Keep us updated with more when you have them.

If you like the vid, leave Jezza a nice comment in the comments at the bottom. If you hate it feel free to rant away at him :)