Hi All,

As one of the team members of the Pink Torres Crossing Team I’m really proud to post up this final full edit cut of our expedition diary filmed by Josh and Frankie of Just watching this back brings back lots of great memories of the trip and a few spooky shots of me! If you ever get thrown a bone to jump on something you would never normally do don’t think about it, just take it, you can never know where it may lead. Thanks Alex..

A big Shout out to Geoff from 5th element expeditions also, Geoff is a machine and will be doing a solo Antarctic crossing at the end of the year with kites! Good luck Geoff.


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I received this link to a movie on YouTube that discusses where kite surfing all started back in the day. Lots of now familiar faces who were pioneers. It’s an hour-long so probably not good to sit and watch in the office but if you have time it is well worth a watch. The first 10 minutes provides some good laughs just looking at the old skool equipment and kites. I’m thinking about giving waterskis a go now after watching this just for fun, who’s in?


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Here is something a little different. Broken kiter Jon ‘two fin’ Turner has shifted his focus due to injury into building – then crashing – then rebuilding model planes. He’s strapping a go-pro to it and filming his flights over the beach.

He is getting some great footage of the beaches and surf from above and gives a different view of our favourite beach. Check out the YouTube vid below to view one of Sydney’s northern beaches Dee Why & Long Reef from a different angle.

Good work Turner, keep it up.

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Hi Guys,

Just a real quick heads up that Wednesday morning is looking probable for wind. Looking at the charts I’d say there is a good chance of about 20knots of SSE on the coast of Sydney. All the usual southerly spots should be in play and if my foot wasn’t still bad from the Torres Crossing I’d be at Long Reef in the dark pumping up waiting for first light. The wind probably won’t hang about for long and will die off after lunch so get on it early.

For those hitting the sea it’s looking like a few meters of swell mainly from the east but the majority of the swell looks like it won’t hit Sydney until the end of the week and should provide some great surf with off shore winds coming so Wednesday is looking pretty flat for the surfers.

Low tide is 8.45am ish for those that care about things like that, it might help get the waves up a little.

That’s it.. Have fun!




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If you are new to Sydney or thinking about travelling here for a kitesurfing holiday or for work then you will probably want to know where you can and more importantly can’t kitesurf.

Thankfully the guys over at NSWKBA have a reasonably comprehensive list of locations that are suitable for all levels. There is a lot of information to absorb so have a good look around.

It’s not a totally comprehensive list but has the majority of safe places that won’t get you into trouble. Click one of the buttons below to take you to the locations pages.

We will also post up some of our own location info with more details about our spots local to us in the future.

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Messy Drummond Cove

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Here are the conditions today in Drummond Cove. Onshore messy 25knots didn’t look too appealing to get wet on with rain squalls every 15 mins.

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Hi Crew.

Saw some posts on facebook about people prepping for a big session tomorrow so thought I’d better take a look.

Looks like we’ve got a 50/50 on good wind during the day tomorrow, seabreeze forecast has the wind slightly later in the day now and the BOM seems to be agreeing. It also looks like the majority of the wind may pass us slightly offshore.

However, ever the pessimist I’ll call it as a probable kite tomorrow for those willing to take a gamble. It’s probably going to be after lunch and anywhere that is open to a NNW/N wind should be doable. Fishermans is a pretty safe bet and offers some safety inside the reef if it’s going to go a bit more NW. For the more adventurous swimmer kiter then Macaha should offer some pretty good lefts in the surf.

As always with this time of year, watch out for a big westerly swing, we don’t want any choppers out and one way tickets to NZ.

Water temp is a frisky 17.6c so suit up.

If you have a good session or get any good pics don’t forget to email them to so we can post them up. You can also send us a pic on twitter or a wind update if you are at the beach with a @kitesurfingaus.


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For those that are unaware, recently I was one member of a team to be the first in the world to successfully kitesurf across the Torres Straits from main land Australia to borders of PNG. This is no mean feat and just to boot I decided to do it unstrapped on a surfboard!

Over the next few weeks I plan to post up regular articles on what I have learnt in taking on such an adventure. Lessons learnt in safety, group kiting, equipment, packing, endurance and what works and what doesn’t. This should save you a big read about the whole trip as there will be many stories coming out but as I remember things I’ll post them up.

If there is anything specific you would like to know about in what we’ve learnt from the trip please comment below on this post and I’ll make sure to try and include it.

Keep checking back for my first post. In the meantime if you want more info about the torres crossing check out or

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Now this is how to really rig it! Our good friend Mr Cole recently forgot his spreader bar on a small trip away. With a lack of spares and no shop in sight he went about making the ‘Cole Special’.

Sydney kiter Cole here did the hard yards with this baby, 400km from the tip to PNG waters in rough seas. There is one side effect to doing this however, he’s lost a waste size (that’s good right) and his hips are now wider front to back than they are sideways! He’s also walking like a crab. Good work Nick.

What he’s done here is take you every day tie down strap, loop it multiple time through the metal clips that would normally hold the bar, stick in a few granny knots for good measure and slap a giant shackle on it. I’m impressed that he found all the components required to do this on a 4×4 bus on the track to the tip of Cape York. It gets a full 3/5 chainsaws on the crazy scale from me :)

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My good friend Jess compiled a quick clip of her go-pro handheld footage from the Torres Crossing 2013. For me this video brings back great memories and will always be an inspiration to get off my bum and go and do something. Well done Jess.

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