Smokey Kurnell images

The past week in Sydney has been a difficult one for many. With hundreds of homes burnt in the Blue Mountains fires. Our thoughts are with those that have lost so much to the fires and we hope that if they were started deliberately those responsible are dealt with accordingly.

Last weeks Friday fires on the 17th of October 2013 resulted in a smoke cloud being blown over Sydney causing some of the most bizarre lighting conditions I’ve ever seen. There is something about the smoke that seems to filter out some wavelengths of visible light that causes colours to pop and seem very surreal.

Local Kurnell kiter Jess Digs managed to get down late in the evening after the worst of the smoke had cleared and snapped these great shots through the smoke. Yep, that is not cloudy cold conditions its a dry, 30c+ smokey day in Sydney.

Well done Jess.
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How NOT to play with kites..

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This video was just shared about on facebook by the SUCK guys. It shows what ‘seemed’ like a good idea at the time but ended – almost predictably – in near disaster. From what I can read into this they attached a long shoe lace from the boat to the harness and proceeded to fly things about to get some great lift. It is actually a wonderful example of apparent wind effects with flying the kite about.

Anyway, the shoe lace snaps at about 20ft up, the shock has stopped the guy completing his loop (which would have made things a bit softer) and he hits the deck like a sack of spuds. Good job this wasn’t over land!

Anyway. watch, enjoy, LEARN..


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STOLEN. Kiters gear pinched from van!

Some low life scum has stolen all of Zephyr Jen’s surfboards from her van on the 4th October in Merewether. Jen is a bit of legend in the Aussie kite scene and this is a real knock for her.

Please take some time to look at the boards and keep an eye out in the surf or garage sales etc. Her contact details are in the poster or you can contact us here and I’ll pass the message on directly. If you have an old board you don’t mind parting with I’m sure Jen would appreciate the gesture.


Alliance & Liquid Force Demo/Clinic Day

Hey Crew, I just found out about an Alliance Kite Demo day at Kurnell THIS WEEKEND (5-6th October)

Join the team from Alliance Gear when they host the Liquid Force Kite Australia Pro Team when they roll into Sydney to showcase the 2014 LF product range and you get to ride with the Team and be guided along the way, a great way to score some cheeky little tips ahead of the intensive professional coaching day Sunday!!
Project Kaizen is the brain child of world famous Chris Wardell known for kiting and cable park skills, him and the National LF team riders will guide you through techniques to improve and help you unlock the key to understanding the art of self improvement.
There are limited spots left for the Kaizen Clinic so please contact us immediately if you are interested.
Sounds like it could be a good day and I really hope they get some wind. Please contact James at Alliance for more details on exact timings etc.
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October long weekend forecast **UPDATED **

Hey Crew,


The low pressure system that was meant to be leaving a slight southerly trend has moved further offshore and this is leaving us with a small temperature driven seabreeze starting to come into Sydney. I’m still dubious that it will amount to anything as looking up and down the coast we’ve got wind coming in from every direction! Keep an eye on it and you might be lucky :)


The long weekend is so nearly upon us and I can’t wait to get out of the office and get into the water for a few days. There is quite a lot happening this weekend in terms of activity with groups of people heading to Old Bar for a kite mission and a few heading down to Jervis Bay. A few of us had a look into heading to Jervis for the weekend but it’s PACKED! Every rental house we looked at was booked out, must be something to do with school holiday, a long weekend and a billion sailors turning up in big grey tinnies!

Unfortunately looking at the charts for the weekend shows a slow southerly momentum to the wind that I’m sure the heat and attempted sea breeze will kill off. That huge slab of high pressure that is lurking over us is the problem and the low is just providing that slight southerly breeze. Down to Sunday-Monday you can see the front sliding through Sydney that should push some wind in but only for a short period, could be late Sunday arvo or Monday morning but sods law says it will be at night.

So what else is there to do? There are lots of big tinnies to look at in the harbour, a huge-mungous fireworks display on Saturday night, Silvan and Sarah’s leaving bash. Might be a good day to rent a stand-up and give that a go, fly model planes or crazy golf. Nat and I will probably head to North Head on Saturday night for the fireworks if anyone wants to catch up.

That’s about it, not the news we wanted but there isn’t anything we can do it about it so best to just keep busy or earn some partner-points to cash in on a windy one.

Have Fun..

Pete & Rob


Breeze on! Thursday 3rd.

Hi all. Just looking at the charts at about 10am and it looks like a good southerly should make its way into Sydney today. When I checked the sea at DY this morning it looked like there wasn’t much swell coming in yet but that should change as the day goes on.

By my going well see a good 25+ knots hit us in the next hour so watch out if you are tempted to stick up a big kite and its going to keep blowing all night.

I’m stuck at work but I’m sure a few peeps will get down to beach for a session.

Have fun.