Stickers are in!

Hi All,

Happy days at, we’ve just taken delivery of a heap of car stickers to help us spread the word and raise some coin to help the website keep running. (These things aren’t free you know) and I’m working hard to try to keep the website ad-free for as long as possible (we all hate ads!)

These will be available in the shop in the next few days!

We’ve got 2 styles, a small one that is good for sticking on pretty much anything and a larger cutout car sticker that is great on windows etc!

Show your support for us to help us keep motivated to keep on posting stuff on the website. We’ve got more articles planned and I’m going to start working on a comprehensive location guide for Sydney!


FOR SALE : Need a new pump? $15

Hi All,

I’m cleaning out the garage and found 3 slingshot pumps that I believe are un-used! They are a few years old but they are great for travelling as they are the half size ones. All have metal shafts. I’m shifting these for $15 each. Sorry there are no hoses.

First come first serve on choice of color. email me on

Got anything you need to sell. email us some pics and a description and we’ll post it up for you..



SOLD : 2013 NAISH PARK 10m – $1100

FOR SALE : 2013 NAISH PARK 10m – $1100

COLOUR: Blue and White

CONDITION: Excellent , still very crispy. Minor repair in the sheet cloth the size of a 5c Piece.

PRICE: $1100

-LINE EXTENSIONS if requested

2013 NAISH ATB BAR. Setup for freestyle and Wakestyle modifications to make it just that much sweeter a bar. NEAR NEW, only used 3 times.

Alex Harrison-Smith

New FOR SALE Section & Rules.

Hi all,

We’ve had a few requests recently to advertise kite related gear from a few of our local crew. I’ve always been a bit iffy on filling the website with for sale spam but I feel there is a need for it and it is something that Rob always did via his newsletter. To this end we’ve added the FOR SALE section. This will be a list of items that we’ve advertised so you can have a quick look if anyone local is wanting to shift some gear that you are in need of.

Unfortunately this being Australia and the interweb we must have a few rules.. (more rules!!)

  1. Lets not take the p$ss. we’re not here to sell your pets and old smelly mattresses.
  2. Lets keep it kite community related.
  3. You should probably own the item you want us to advertise.
  4. I’m not going to write your advert. I don’t have time! you MUST email all relevant info to us the way you want it to show.
  5. You MUST include some decent photos (1024×786) and try to keep them under 500kb each (if you don’t know how to do this by now go back to pen and paper)
  6. You MUST include a phone number or email address AND be willing to have that posted on the net. (I can’t keep them hidden etc) We have a comments section if you want to use that to get peoples details etc.
  7. We accept NO responsibility for anything. It’s your gear not ours, we are not selling your gear just helping you advertise it.
  8. You should let us know that your stuff has sold, we WILL remove your ad after time, at least we will remove your contact details from it if we don’t delete it
  9. We are NOT replacing the seabreeze for sale section. I suggest you place your ad there also and maybe offer a better price for a local buyer.
  10. If I think your kit looks old and unsafe. IT IS!! Get it in your head no-body should be buying old unsafe gear, don’t even think about it. Cut it up with a knife and throw it in the tip or make a scarf out of it.
  11. Be descriptive, include the age, model, condition, colours, use, damage etc etc of any gear your trying to part with.
  12. Did I mention that we are NOT responsible for ANYTHING!!!

Ok, now we are all on the right page. Send your ads to and we’ll try and get it up. If volumes get WAY too high then we’ll look at something else. Below is a template you can copy and paste into an email..





item title


your description goes here. year, model, age, condition, colour, what is it, size, damage anything and everything.


Where is it?


let’s be realistic here


Hey we are all local aren’t we?


phone or email

Silvan’s Prado is for sale (SOLD)

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Our long term friends of Silvan and Sarah from Swiss-land have just finished an epic year off tour of Aus. They are now heading back home for a short period before reality sets in and they return to the warmth of Oz.

Because of this relocation they need to sell their beloved Toyota Prado that has been their home for the last year. If you are interested have a look and get in touch with them. This car would be an awesome kite trip wagon or even good for another Oz adventure and its LOADED with extras…

Landcruiser Prado GXL, 2006, Turbo Diesel, Manual, 206’100km, 5 seater. Comes with all the Prado’s extras such as air conditioning, power steering, dual airbags, long range fuel tank, floor mats, bullbar, fog lights, tow bar, TJM snorkel and much more. 
Rego until March 2014

Additionally mounted are:  Mickey Thompson STZ A/T tires (4 x tread 40%, spare wheel 95%), aftermarket suspension, winch, 2 x Liquid Force Spot Lights, UHF 80Ch Radio and aerial (professionally mounted/ wired), Toyota Cargo barrier, 2 drawer ORS system with Fridge Slide and 40lt Engel Fridge / Freezer, Dual Battery System, Rhino Roof Rack, Featherlight Roof Top Tent incl. annexe, Foxwing awning, gas bottle holder and tinted back window. 

Price AUD29’500.-
(Would considering selling the car without the extras too)

This car is very neat and tidy and very well looked after. Engine in A1 condition, all services done and log book available. Car inside and out in good condition. This vehicle has never been in an accident nor driven in sand. 

Selling because moving overseas. Located in Collaroy, NSW. 

If interested call Silvan 

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To make way for 2014 equipment the webadmin of Pete is shifting his almost new 2013 gear! (Don’t ask) What this means is bargains for all!

There is a 6month old Cabrinha Drifter 9m in Green currently available. This kite is in perfect condition and has seen one season (of not so windy) Northern Beaches action.

These kites are fantastic, incredibly stable, lightweight, fast and rock solid in gusty conditions. The drifter is Cab’s ‘surf’ orientated kite but they handle any conditions. The bar system on the cab’s has come along leaps and bounds since I last used a Cabrinha and the build quality in second to none. If you want to go kiting, have simple pump up, setup, launch and just ride these are the kites for you.

Kite comes with all the usual bits: kite, pump (the best), bar, bag. Always folded correctly and stored dry (It hardly ever gets wet!)

Those that know me know I respect my gear and the condition of this kite reflects that.

$1100 (rrp is over $2100)


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One of the perks of running the website is that I have the opportunity to help me sell some stuff. Sorry if this upsets anyone, we aren’t really a for sale board (seabreeze is good for that) but I can offer a good deal to any members on some excellent gear.

I have to sell my 2013 Cabrinha gear to make way for 2014 gear. All this gear has been fantastic for the short 6 months that I’ve owned it. Anyone who knows me knows that I look after my equipment and I’m not a freshman.

This kite is a 2013 Chaos 11m, it is hardly used! I purchased this with the sad reality that it wasn’t going to be very windy on the Northern Beaches and low and behold it was!

This kite really impressed me with its consistent pull and stability in any conditions. Great for freestyle and as it turns out down the line wave riding where the preference is to unhook and surf rather than flinging the kite back and forward.

This kite is like new and comes with all the usual bits, bag, bar, kite and even an unused pump in a bag (which BTW is currently the best pump on the market by far)

$1100 (rrp is over $2100!)


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