New FOR SALE Section & Rules.

Hi all,

We’ve had a few requests recently to advertise kite related gear from a few of our local crew. I’ve always been a bit iffy on filling the website with for sale spam but I feel there is a need for it and it is something that Rob always did via his newsletter. To this end we’ve added the FOR SALE section. This will be a list of items that we’ve advertised so you can have a quick look if anyone local is wanting to shift some gear that you are in need of.

Unfortunately this being Australia and the interweb we must have a few rules.. (more rules!!)

  1. Lets not take the p$ss. we’re not here to sell your pets and old smelly mattresses.
  2. Lets keep it kite community related.
  3. You should probably own the item you want us to advertise.
  4. I’m not going to write your advert. I don’t have time! you MUST email all relevant info to us the way you want it to show.
  5. You MUST include some decent photos (1024×786) and try to keep them under 500kb each (if you don’t know how to do this by now go back to pen and paper)
  6. You MUST include a phone number or email address AND be willing to have that posted on the net. (I can’t keep them hidden etc) We have a comments section if you want to use that to get peoples details etc.
  7. We accept NO responsibility for anything. It’s your gear not ours, we are not selling your gear just helping you advertise it.
  8. You should let us know that your stuff has sold, we WILL remove your ad after time, at least we will remove your contact details from it if we don’t delete it
  9. We are NOT replacing the seabreeze for sale section. I suggest you place your ad there also and maybe offer a better price for a local buyer.
  10. If I think your kit looks old and unsafe. IT IS!! Get it in your head no-body should be buying old unsafe gear, don’t even think about it. Cut it up with a knife and throw it in the tip or make a scarf out of it.
  11. Be descriptive, include the age, model, condition, colours, use, damage etc etc of any gear your trying to part with.
  12. Did I mention that we are NOT responsible for ANYTHING!!!

Ok, now we are all on the right page. Send your ads to and we’ll try and get it up. If volumes get WAY too high then we’ll look at something else. Below is a template you can copy and paste into an email..





item title


your description goes here. year, model, age, condition, colour, what is it, size, damage anything and everything.


Where is it?


let’s be realistic here


Hey we are all local aren’t we?


phone or email

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