Geraldton Monday

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A bit light on Monday but still worth getting in the water. I’m told there was plenty out there today as well!

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Nice little sunset session at Point Moore on Saturday. Looks like more to come tomorrow!




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Silvan’s Prado is for sale (SOLD)

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Our long term friends of Silvan and Sarah from Swiss-land have just finished an epic year off tour of Aus. They are now heading back home for a short period before reality sets in and they return to the warmth of Oz.

Because of this relocation they need to sell their beloved Toyota Prado that has been their home for the last year. If you are interested have a look and get in touch with them. This car would be an awesome kite trip wagon or even good for another Oz adventure and its LOADED with extras…

Landcruiser Prado GXL, 2006, Turbo Diesel, Manual, 206’100km, 5 seater. Comes with all the Prado’s extras such as air conditioning, power steering, dual airbags, long range fuel tank, floor mats, bullbar, fog lights, tow bar, TJM snorkel and much more. 
Rego until March 2014

Additionally mounted are:  Mickey Thompson STZ A/T tires (4 x tread 40%, spare wheel 95%), aftermarket suspension, winch, 2 x Liquid Force Spot Lights, UHF 80Ch Radio and aerial (professionally mounted/ wired), Toyota Cargo barrier, 2 drawer ORS system with Fridge Slide and 40lt Engel Fridge / Freezer, Dual Battery System, Rhino Roof Rack, Featherlight Roof Top Tent incl. annexe, Foxwing awning, gas bottle holder and tinted back window. 

Price AUD29’500.-
(Would considering selling the car without the extras too)

This car is very neat and tidy and very well looked after. Engine in A1 condition, all services done and log book available. Car inside and out in good condition. This vehicle has never been in an accident nor driven in sand. 

Selling because moving overseas. Located in Collaroy, NSW. 

If interested call Silvan 

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How to build your own kite board

A good friend of put us onto this website a while back.

He’s been designing and making his own kite boards now for a while and has created some incredible boards using normal household items and techy composite materials.

There are now a few people in Sydney designing and making boards and it looks like there is a building community well, building!

Head on over to and check out what they producing. If you’ve ever thought about giving it a go take the plunge, you’ve not got anything to lose.

Well done guys.


Geraldton Update 6 Sept 2013

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Hello crew,

Hope all’s well. Time for an update from the Wild and Windy West.

It’s not summer in Gero yet, but the weather is definitely on the improve the last week or so. Still dipping into single digits in the middle of the  night but we’re consistently hitting the 20s every day now and it’s feeling great.

Here’s some superb footage of Geraldton beachfront taken with a small drone copter a few weeks ago.

There’s been a bit of swell running this week and some reasonable waves, but can’t say I’ve seen much to get really excited about. Looks like the SUPs dominate most of the surfing locally, though there are a few good spots where you can ride a normal shortboard.

On a brighter note, the Sea Breezes are starting to show signs of returning and getting pretty excited about that. I was sacked by my boss at work a few weeks ago so now have some time to get out and about for a while while looking for a new job. Not at all happy about how it’s all worked out, with some abominable behaviours going un-punished. But the story isn’t over yet.


Sunset Beach and Drummond Cove over the past few days.

Sunset1 sunsset4 Drummonds9b Drummonds6

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This is where we like to kite!

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Jon ‘Two Fin’ Turner looks like he has perfected the video plane and took it out on what can only be described as a beautiful day. He’s launched from the top of Long Reef headland and flown around a few beaches filming the sups. Magical.

There is a good flight over Fishermans Beach showing where all the rocks are too, I’m pretty sure at one point you can see some of Jon’s missing fins on the reef!

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Windless :(. Time to check the gear for summer

Hi Guys,

A quick look at the forecasts for the weekend and it’s all looking a little depressing. Windless and waveless for the most part. This doesn’t however mean there is nothing to do. A few people have gone to the snow and there are some good parties happening at the weekend. At least Spring has broken in Sydney and the temperatures are looking on the correct side of 25c!

If you are starting to think about dusting off the old gear in preparation for a (fingers crossed) windy summer then it might be a good weekend to check your gear for wear and damage. Here is a little list of things you can check to avoid that first dash to the beach disappointment.

  • Pump that sucker up and check its not leaking. get it really hard just to make sure.
  • Go over all the bridals and check them for wear, slingshot REV’s wreck the bridal lines where the pullys run (P lines) and are always worth an extra look.
  • Check over the canopy for tears and rips. If you find a hole don’t panic, just get some repair tape from your kite shop and stick it up. (We’ll write up a repair post)
  • Get your bar out and run out the lines, check the lines, chicken loop rope, any cleats or stoppers for wear and damage and replace if needed.
  • Check you board out, check all the binding screws and fin screws are done up tight and nothing is damaged.
  • Have a good go over your harness, check the stitching of the webbing where it joins to the harness hidden behind the bling fabric. Some Mystics had a habit of breaking here.
  • If you haven’t used it in a while maybe check your wetty for holes and tears, even though its in the high 20’s the water is still a bit nip-chow. Last year I had the misfortune to head out with a big tear in the butt of wetsuit and scared a few people with a not so nice view :(

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head, if in doubt head to your local kite shop and get them to check it over, if its looking a bit suss then just replace it now! better to not fail at all.

Pete & Rob