Fishermans nor-easter

One of our resident photographers Grant Sager managed to get down to Fishermans (Collaroy) a few weeks back for a good (and rare it seems) nor-easter. A good few local crew managed to get out and enjoy the conditions. I love the backdrop of the Long Reef headland in these pics. Good work Grant and thanks for letting us share them on the site.

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Windless :(. Time to check the gear for summer

Hi Guys,

A quick look at the forecasts for the weekend and it’s all looking a little depressing. Windless and waveless for the most part. This doesn’t however mean there is nothing to do. A few people have gone to the snow and there are some good parties happening at the weekend. At least Spring has broken in Sydney and the temperatures are looking on the correct side of 25c!

If you are starting to think about dusting off the old gear in preparation for a (fingers crossed) windy summer then it might be a good weekend to check your gear for wear and damage. Here is a little list of things you can check to avoid that first dash to the beach disappointment.

  • Pump that sucker up and check its not leaking. get it really hard just to make sure.
  • Go over all the bridals and check them for wear, slingshot REV’s wreck the bridal lines where the pullys run (P lines) and are always worth an extra look.
  • Check over the canopy for tears and rips. If you find a hole don’t panic, just get some repair tape from your kite shop and stick it up. (We’ll write up a repair post)
  • Get your bar out and run out the lines, check the lines, chicken loop rope, any cleats or stoppers for wear and damage and replace if needed.
  • Check you board out, check all the binding screws and fin screws are done up tight and nothing is damaged.
  • Have a good go over your harness, check the stitching of the webbing where it joins to the harness hidden behind the bling fabric. Some Mystics had a habit of breaking here.
  • If you haven’t used it in a while maybe check your wetty for holes and tears, even though its in the high 20’s the water is still a bit nip-chow. Last year I had the misfortune to head out with a big tear in the butt of wetsuit and scared a few people with a not so nice view :(

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head, if in doubt head to your local kite shop and get them to check it over, if its looking a bit suss then just replace it now! better to not fail at all.

Pete & Rob