Stickers are in!

Hi All,

Happy days at, we’ve just taken delivery of a heap of car stickers to help us spread the word and raise some coin to help the website keep running. (These things aren’t free you know) and I’m working hard to try to keep the website ad-free for as long as possible (we all hate ads!)

These will be available in the shop in the next few days!

We’ve got 2 styles, a small one that is good for sticking on pretty much anything and a larger cutout car sticker that is great on windows etc!

Show your support for us to help us keep motivated to keep on posting stuff on the website. We’ve got more articles planned and I’m going to start working on a comprehensive location guide for Sydney!


Quick, There’s wind!

Hi Guys,

Well, there is some kind of wind, its not a lot and it certainly isn’t in the best direction at the moment but the charts are showing it swinging more south! Just captured this pic from the Longy Web cam at Currently there are 2 kites out but going off the angles these guys are running its very onshore. Lets hope it keeps up the correct side of 15knots and swings a little south.

If you are heading out at Longy tho and it’s light, make sure you watch out for the SURF FLAGS that are going to be downwind of you, if its dead onshore you are going to need to end up running along the beach to get out and this will take you through the flags! Walk your lazy bones upto the pole and launch from there to give you enough time to get out before the flags, there is also a big rip up there that will aid you in getting out the back. :)

Enjoy if you can.



2014 Kite surfing National Championships

Hey all.

A quick shout out for the new AK National Championships being held down at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club and sponsored by Cabrinha!

Below is the flier, but for more info I’d suggest checking out

It’s also a good time to get your AK membership back up to date and get the all important 3rd party insurance!