What a cracking BUSY day!

Hey all,

lots of kites at Longy
Lots of kites out

I’m glad to see that nearly everyone got a good kite session in today. I’ve been sick all week so had to sit this one out on the sidelines. So how do I know that everyone was out today? Well the photo speaks for itself. I was sitting down in the sun at Dee Why and counted over 30 kites in the air and could still see people pumping up on the beach! That is seriously busy stuff for Long Reef! The wind didn’t look super strong judging by the size of everyones kites and it looked very weak south of the pole.

An interesting thing is I keep hearing that people want to start kiting at Longy and in the surf however they are a little apprehensive about the waves being too big. Well today would have been perfect as there was very small surf and good wind. If you chose not to head to Longy today and you want to try and get out into the sea a little more then unfortunately you’ve missed out today. If this sounds like a thought that has gone through your head and it keeps you from trying drop us an email and we’ll help assist you get over your fears of the waves and being out in the open sea. :)

Well I hope everyone stayed safe and there were no mishaps or tangles!

Good to also see the WhatsApp group working this week as well, lots of info and updates on wind recently. If you want to join the group just shoot Pete an email at pete@kitesurfing.com.au

Have a good week..


Quick, There’s wind!

Hi Guys,

Well, there is some kind of wind, its not a lot and it certainly isn’t in the best direction at the moment but the charts are showing it swinging more south! Just captured this pic from the Longy Web cam at surfit.com. Currently there are 2 kites out but going off the angles these guys are running its very onshore. Lets hope it keeps up the correct side of 15knots and swings a little south.

If you are heading out at Longy tho and it’s light, make sure you watch out for the SURF FLAGS that are going to be downwind of you, if its dead onshore you are going to need to end up running along the beach to get out and this will take you through the flags! Walk your lazy bones upto the pole and launch from there to give you enough time to get out before the flags, there is also a big rip up there that will aid you in getting out the back. :)

Enjoy if you can.