REVIEW : 2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Bar

So, we’re half way through 2014 so that of course means we’ve got the 2015 gear turning up ready for summer. This year sees Cabrinha make a massive change to it’s bar system , Finally!

I’ve been lucky enough to be flying Cabrinha kites for the last few years and was very fortunate to get my hands on a new 2015 Overdrive 1X bar a while back, I’ve been testing this bar out on the water and in the snow and have to say this is exactly the move Cabrinha needed to make.

So what’s new? Well the bar itself is similar to the last few years in terms of comfort and grip, colours have changed to a orange / grey combo. The adjustable ends are still there similar to last year (there is now a version without these if you like) They have extended the floats on the bar ends now I guess to help keep the additional weight afloat when in the water, the lines are still classic top quality Cabrinha.

But there are 4 MAJOR improvements made this year that are a massive to me.

  1. They have simplified the 2 front lines at the V, they are now spread with a nice lightweight metal spreader that makes self landings so much easier, the V is also lower so it’s easier to reach.
  2. The spring (overdrive) system now sits a little lower, this means I can let go of the bar and still reach it with ease, this is much better for the girls and short chaps like myself.
  3. The chicken loop is FINALLY a chicken loop worth using! The old system with the breakaway chicken loop was to be honest not very good, if you have ever tried to reset that sucker you know its a total pain and depending how many years back you go you ran the risk of actually loosing your chicken loop completely! This year it’s been replaced with a fixed loop that releases on one side with the push of the safety release, best of all it takes 2 seconds to reset and get back together. This means that you can now hook your loop around posts or rails for safer unassisted landings if required. The donkey dick is also shorter and easier to use and doesn’t jab you in the gut. :)
  4. The leash connection is now free running through the centre and pops out on a spinner at the top of the chicken loop, it simply extends one of the front lines so the additional safety line from last year has gone. It’s so simple, I’ve pulled the safety, gone to one line, walked back to the bar, reset it and relaunched without any issues!

Check out the quickloop vid:

All in all, I’m REALLY impressed by these improvements, if you want to check them out for yourself come and find me on the beach at Longy and come and have a go! Here are some pics I took when I first used it.


For more info check out The Cabrinha website