Sydney wind forecast. Kite more, work less.

Sydney wind forecast for 23rd March 2015

Hey all,

After walking through the city this morning and noticing it seemed quite windy I had a quick check of the charts and forecasts. Looks like we’ll be on for a half-decent system driven NE’er today hat isn’t a seabreeze and that means it SHOULD be windy on the Northern Beaches! AND as an added bonus there is a Southerly front coming through at some stage tomorrow that means we’ll be on for more excellent wind conditions!!

This is good news for the people (Like Hans) that don’t seem to work as they will get an all day to swagger about in the surf but for the rest of us mere mortals that have to answer to the man it’s either bunking off work or getting out early to make the most of the last of daylight savings!

Spots that ‘should’ be good today – Fishermans and Narrabeen and hopefully off the end of the Reef. Palmy for those up the northern end.

Spots for tomorrow – Longy, Newport Reef, Narra etc etc.

At time of writing it’s 15-20knots NE across the Sydney region, I did check the moon tonight and unfortunately it’s not suitable for ‘night kite :(‘

Conditions report for Long Reef, March 21st

Condition report for Long Reef, Saturday 21st March 2015

seabreeze wind chart long reef 21 march 13Well… There is wind! I popped down the beach at about 9am to have a look, it’s a bit wet and still some good looking wind around after Fridays southerly buster came through changing conditions considerably from the warm sunny blue skies we woke up to.

At 9am there were about 8 or 9 kites out at Long Reef, it looked very on shore and if the wind swings any more to the east it’ll be dead on shore. Waves were small and looked in the 2ft and fat blown out range. one kite was out around the reef where I would suspect there are good clean conditions and maybe the odd wave.

Long Reef Saturday 21 March 2015So, if you are not happy with almost dead on shore Long Reef where else is there to kite on the beaches today? Well, Narrabeen has always proven a good spot away from the crowds and is slightly less on shore in these winds, I’d think about having a crack at Newport Reef and see what is going on up there. Pretty much any beach big enough would be ‘do-able’ but it’s up for you to decide if its on and safe.

For the surfers it’s looking pretty poor, the corner at Dee Why looked out the wind a bit more and had a shoulder high wave to play on if you wanted to fight the grommits.

Looking ahead..

Looking ahead the week is looking pretty good on todays forecast with wind from both directions being forecast, as always its hard to predict and when it’s that variable its likely to change on a day by day basis but as DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ends in less than 2 weeks I’d be planning your after work hours carefully and reserving them for emergency kite sessions and it’s the last we’ll be having after work for a while. (Unless you are Billy or one of those people that doesn’t seem to work!)

When will a southerly wind hit Sydney?

We know the southerly wind it’s coming… But When??

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]S[/mks_dropcap]outherly winds are awesome! Whilst away down the coast the other day I had a message from a friend asking when I thought the Southerly wind will actually hit Sydney.

We love a good southerly wind for kitesurfing / windsurfing, they are always reliable, strong, usually pretty consistent and can hang about for the whole day or even longer. The best part however is that when one is forecast there is a 99% chance of it turning up (unlike a seabreeze on the Northern Beaches!) The only issue is when.. The forecast models and seabreeze can be a bit out sometimes, we went through a trend a while back of them turning up 3 or 4 hours ahead of schedule but recently they have been pretty close. But how can when that southerly wind will really hit and how strong will it be?

Thankfully the wonderful website seabreeze has the answers we need and the BOM has provided us with the perfect resource.. Wind meters all the way up the east coast! Now when a southerly hits the Sydney region it rattles through pretty quick, so if we need a little more time to finish our latte’s or get away from the wife we need more warning! Bring on the Illawarra charts..

Located an hour or so south of Sydney is the Illawarra coast, it’s pretty much dead south of us (further south can work also to some extent). If we know a southerly wind is forecast we can use the charts south to (say Kiama or Point Perpendicular) to watch for the southerly wind change. This tells us it’s ON IT’S WAY.. but how long??

Let’s look at an example for today (Thursday 5th March 2015), here is the chart for Kiama. Perfectly you can see the southerly wind change hit almost exactly at 12pm. This is perfect for us to work out time lag.southerly wind at kiamama

Now lets look at the chart for Sydney Airport

souther'y wind change at the airportand now lets see the important Northern Beaches

north head southerly windI’ve made it pretty simple by writing the times the change hit on the graphs. I’ve never honestly done the real math of trying to work it out, and it will always depend on how strong the wind is. As a rule of thumb I’ve always said from Point Perpendicular to Long Reef is about 2 hours (that was the 2hrs I sent you Alex ;) ) and it looks like I might be about spot on. We can see the wind change at Kiama at 12pm, the airport change at 1.09pm and then North Head go at 1.30pm.

So, if you were bunking off work today and were on the ball you would have been at Longy pumping up at about 1.30pm and you’ll be down on the beach right when it hits. That is called maximizing your water time! Yewww.. That’s about it. This approach doesn’t work for seabreezes but will work for frontal winds from the North too.

The other big benefit of taking a look further afield is we can see how strong the initial front is – sometimes we see a 40-45knot gust ahead of 25knots of good wind – and we can also see how long it’s going to last, it could just be a brief wind change under a big dark cloud for example or it could be a 3day gang banger of southerly! Or if’s going to swing offshore… Looking down south lets us know all this. :) Happy dayz..

As always, post your views and comments in the comments below if you know this works elsewhere, if you find this useful please share on facebook and with your friends.


Summer video competition #1 – Kite on ANYTHING.

Hey all,

If you hadn’t noticed summer is nearly here and the sea breezes are already starting apparently (no-one has looked up what a sea breeze actually is I think) but there is wind none the less. This opens the floor to the first video competition!!

For this video comp you must submit a video (via youtube or something) of you or a mate kitesurfing on the most obscure board imaginable! I once used a plastic toy guitar with some degree of success. To qualify the video must contain a kiter, actually riding on the object for some distance lets say 20m or more and hopefully end in a large stack (will gain you points!)

Get creative, planks of wood are simply shit and isn’t going to win you anything, attaching a hydrofoil to something also doesn’t really count but I like it so enter it anyway!

There will be a prizes when I can find a willing sponsor / donor but worst case you’ll get the kudos of the kitesurfing community.


 Below are the entry details.

  • Kiter must ride for at least 20m to qualify 50m is best, a turn n return is awesome! – the further the more points however if its that easy to ride try find a harder object!!
  • The kiter is the entrant not the person that shot the video! – There just ain’t no skill in shooting a video with a phone! more points for more creative film making tho!
  • There must be an explanation of what it is that you are riding in the entry comment below this post.
  • The object must be a non-pollutant! – I can’t stress this enough, dirty the sea I’ll come crap in your shoes!
  • You MUST retrieve the item! – You can’t go nuts on something thats going to sink and leave it out in the bay, the winner and their steed will be presented the award, no steed no prize!
  • The judges will be myself (Pete) and whoever I can get at the pub to watch them over beers.

How to submit your entry.

  • Upload your video somewhere, if its facebook you need to post it to the Northern Beaches Kiters page AND then add a comment to the comments below to say you’ve entered on facebook with a link if poss, if needed get me the video and I’ll upload / host it.
  • Youtube/vimeo entries are quickest, upload it and share the link in the comments on this post (not Facebook!) try and put a link this post in the comments on youtube.
  • Use your REAL email address to post in the comments HERE!. They are hidden from the world and if you don’t use it I won’t know how to get hold of you for your prize!!

Competition dates.

  • This comp runs from NOW until November 16th 2014! – That is plenty of time to get your stuff together.


  • Try and keep it safe.
  • Points awarded for adding difficulty – waves, old kites, unsuitable attire etc etc
  • Big crashes are awesome
  • Small interviews in the video are good, describe what your going to ride, give it a name and then ride it!
  • If you can get the whole beach in hysterics I’m going to like that.

OK, Any other questions drop us an email

Have fun.. Wish I could enter…


Some weekend WA wind, swell — and rain…

For most of us in WA, it’s been since about Easter that anyone’s had a kite.  I must say, moving over I didn’t realise how infrequently there’d be any any kiteable wind through the winter season. You’d usually be expecting the sea breezes to start trickling back by about mid-September but no sign of that happening yet. But we do have a winter weather system moving through from tonight that will push some wind and some very big swell our way over the next three or four days. I’d be guessing that down south, we’re going to see some of the biggest waves of the season, if not for a few years.

Tonight there’s a 970hp low pressure system sitting about 1,000km SW of Margaret River and moving SE. By tomorrow, it’ll strengthen to around 965hp and by Sunday to about 955. That’s a seriously powerful storm.  Anyone in a vessel at sea in those sorts of conditions is going to be in for a serious fight.FridayBOM1

SaturdayBOM1SundayBOM1 5September2014SeaBreeze

For those of us in the Mid West, that means we’ll get some rain tomorrow, swell up to 6m and winds from the West around 25 knots. By Sunday afternoon, it goes all pear-shaped with lots more rain moving in and continuing big swell and 35-45+ knot Westerlies.

So, if you are up to the task, and have a decently small kite, tomorrow afternoon looks like the best time for a shot at it. But do expect to get rained on at times.

Rain and swell continuing til about late Tuesday and the wind trailling off to about 20 knots on Monday and next to nothing by Tuesday. The swell finally fades by mid-Wednesday, along with the bad weather.

Might be worth looking at in a few instances but do take care. You do recall the tragedies that happened last year round this time. Let’s not repeat those.

Take care,


REPLAY : Another week of wind and rain


Just look at it! it’s another replay of last week almost! Last week (bar the blue-bottle stings) was awesome, I had a day off and got some of the best waves in ages at Longy / Dee Why. Then the surf jacked up, cleaned up and gave Sydney some of the best surfing conditions we’ve had in ages. Swell was still around today but smaller with a nice 4-5ft at DY point and light winds keeping it super clean.

Now, this week looks like a repeat, as long as we’re not looking at too much west then it’s going to be a cracker! BIG surf forecast so if you aren’t up-to scratch then maybe hit the bays and harbours for safety until it backs down a bit. I’ll be hitting the surf if I can early in the mornings before work.


sydney forecast 1Sept14


Stay safe.. Pete


Sydney wind forecast

Hey All,

If like me through winter you don’t religiously trawl the seabreeze forecast waiting for wind and I usually miss when wind coming up. Well I decided to take a look the other day and look at this!

seabreeze 25814


Yewwww.. If this forecast holds true (it has changed since Friday and stuck more south) then we could be on for a few crackers. It’s probably going to be WET and GUSTY (depending on the rain clouds) at a bet and there is a chance the surf will get up as it goes on. Swell forecast is down a little from last week but we’ll still get some chunks.  Looking at the charts with that low off to the east will determine if its dead south or more east, it’ll start off more east as it builds and then trend south. Another up side is the water is nice and warm, surfing over the weekend felt like summer again! (almost)

As always, beginners it’ll be probably be ok to start with and then progress to being too windy. Usual spots will be in play, Botany will work (stay further south), Longy, Narra. I know where I’ll be :). See you all at 5.30am on the beach for a sunrise session!


Why it can pay off to understand the weather.

Hey all, it’s another amazing day in Sydney with sunshine and at 8am a steady nor-wester blowing. This is kind of how yesterday looked when I made the last post.

We were down at kurnell yesterday and did a little trip over to Towra, it was really nice over there but it didn’t last for too long after the wind started to gusty up to the point I got ripped off the water on a 9. Its been a long time since I’ve been totally spanked by a kite. I took this as a sign that it was probably time to switch to a smaller kite so we headed back knowing that the forecast was for a big westerly switch.

When back at the carpark I was about to whip the 7 out and took a look up at the sky, a BIG rolling fast moving bank of cloud heading in from the west. Hmm maybe its coming. Theae clouds when overhead looked like nothing I’d seen in a while, and as a rule if clouds look funky then something funky is going on up there. Big troughs of flat bottomed cloud banks that I really must look up.


Taking my inner advice that things were probably about to all get ‘messy’ our little group decided that watching the impending carnage with a few beers could be better. I actually launched someone on a bws 8 and pointed him at the clouds and said you better watch that fella, he actually decided to take our advice and drop his kite again. I’m sure he’s happy he did  So off we pop to the bottle shop for 5 mins, on our return we notice a change in things, the trees are sideways, cats are airborne and the water! Fark! 45 knot squalls do something to water, it makes it separate from itself and turn into walls of spray. After a few holy shit moments we spot a kite loose about 200 meters out blowing downwind towards the oil pipe pier, we make a quick call to the cops to say there is a kite free, we find the owner on the beach and let the cops know not to panic as others will prob call in. This didn’t stop the boat, westpac chopper and 2 cop cars turning up tho!


That’s the graphs from yesterday. It was WILD! BUT it was forecast and it was visible that it was coming. This is why it pays to be prepared, know the skys, read and understand what’s going on. You don’t need to be a weatherman but question change. Why is that big bank of cloud coming? Why is it lined up different from the current wind direction? Why did it just get cold or warmer. I feel this is something missing from a lot of todays kiters who get out of an office chair and go kiting because its ‘extreme’ the main emphasis is on the kiting, not the wind. Sure  helps and we have more tools at our disposal that ever before. Learn the weather and become a true sailor! It takes time, I’m fortunate enough to have the background but even I’m rusty. In the next few weeks I’ll find some good basic weather stuff and throw it up and talk about the common local Sydney things that catch out people.

Anyway, when things settled it turned into an incredible sunset. Here are some pics and one of me taking a piss. Thanks Jess Digs. I think?





Wind Warning for the West Tues-Wed

Powerful frontal systems headed our way over the next few days. Gusty squalls guaranteed and unlikely to resemble the consistency of what you see on the forecast. Not the best conditions for kiting  and definitely not a day for beginners to be flying any sort of kite on the water or even on the beach.

Oh, did I mention that the swell is also forecast to build to 5 metres@18 seconds by afternoon?

Weather Prognosis

Laurie at has put up a post worth reading:


BOM forecast is here: