Anzac Weekend forecast + SUP Demo @ Kurnell

Hi All,

Let’s spend a moment to think about the Anzacs. Right that’s done, now let look at whats happening this weekend!

Looking at the charts below, we can see a cold front that is swinging its way up the coast over the next few days. That is going to drop the temps down a bit and swing that wind Southerly most likely with a lot of wet stuff falling.

Depending on where you are on the coast will obviously determine when that wind swings. Seabreeze¬†thinks currently sometime early Sunday morning but I’ve seen that about 6 hours out before so keep an eye on the charts down the coast on Saturday to see if its swung yet.

Seabreeze is also calling a Northerly breeze late Friday into Saturday and this is probable as its been the trend for most the recent southerlies. (It’s not a sea breeze people!)

So, Where does that leave us Sydney Siders? Well, lets look at the facts.

  • Most people will be drinking this weekend, that really gets in the way.
  • The traffic will be shit as its the end of Easter long holidays
  • This wonderful sunny period can’t last forever!

For these reasons I’m personally going to stick around Sydney but I’m hearing of a few trips south. I personally don’t want to blow my weekend sitting in traffic so will stick local. You’ll find me somewhere on the Beaches or maybe doing some lessons at Botany. But there is wind to be had so get out there! Remember, Double-Demerits this weekend and there is ALWAYS a cop on the road from Dee Why to Long Reef!!

There is a SUP demo on at Kurnell on Saturday (see below) held by James Grundigs at Alliance Kite Gear


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