Windsurfing from the air (with some kites)

Another amazing quality video from Andrew F at Long Reef from the good southerly wind DS we’ve had of late. I know this is mainly windsurfing but there are some kites in the video so you may recognize yourself if you look hard. Be sure to watch it in full HD quality if you can. Andrew is getting pretty handy with his DJI Phantom, make sure you also check out his other quality videos over on vimeo.

How NOT to play with kites..

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This video was just shared about on facebook by the SUCK guys. It shows what ‘seemed’ like a good idea at the time but ended – almost predictably – in near disaster. From what I can read into this they attached a long shoe lace from the boat to the harness and proceeded to fly things about to get some great lift. It is actually a wonderful example of apparent wind effects with flying the kite about.

Anyway, the shoe lace snaps at about 20ft up, the shock has stopped the guy completing his loop (which would have made things a bit softer) and he hits the deck like a sack of spuds. Good job this wasn’t over land!

Anyway. watch, enjoy, LEARN..


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This is where we like to kite!

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Jon ‘Two Fin’ Turner looks like he has perfected the video plane and took it out on what can only be described as a beautiful day. He’s launched from the top of Long Reef headland and flown around a few beaches filming the sups. Magical.

There is a good flight over Fishermans Beach showing where all the rocks are too, I’m pretty sure at one point you can see some of Jon’s missing fins on the reef!

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Video : Kai Lenny v Team Oracle race

A cool video showing the incredible speed of the 72ft Americas Cup boat Oracle up on Foils. This video does make me question a few things. Why wasn’t Kai on a race board or a foil board for the race? Maybe he’d win!! What’s your view?

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Jon has made his best video flight to date with perfect weather over Dee Why. Great views and good work Jon.

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