Geraldton Update 6 Sept 2013

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Hello crew,

Hope all’s well. Time for an update from the Wild and Windy West.

It’s not summer in Gero yet, but the weather is definitely on the improve the last week or so. Still dipping into single digits in the middle of the ┬ánight but we’re consistently hitting the 20s every day now and it’s feeling great.

Here’s some superb footage of Geraldton beachfront taken with a small drone copter a few weeks ago.

There’s been a bit of swell running this week and some reasonable waves, but can’t say I’ve seen much to get really excited about. Looks like the SUPs dominate most of the surfing locally, though there are a few good spots where you can ride a normal shortboard.

On a brighter note, the Sea Breezes are starting to show signs of returning and getting pretty excited about that. I was sacked by my boss at work a few weeks ago so now have some time to get out and about for a while while looking for a new job. Not at all happy about how it’s all worked out, with some abominable behaviours going un-punished. But the story isn’t over yet.


Sunset Beach and Drummond Cove over the past few days.

Sunset1 sunsset4 Drummonds9b Drummonds6

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