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One of the perks of running the website is that I have the opportunity to help me sell some stuff. Sorry if this upsets anyone, we aren’t really a for sale board (seabreeze is good for that) but I can offer a good deal to any members on some excellent gear.

I have to sell my 2013 Cabrinha gear to make way for 2014 gear. All this gear has been fantastic for the short 6 months that I’ve owned it. Anyone who knows me knows that I look after my equipment and I’m not a freshman.

This kite is a 2013 Chaos 11m, it is hardly used! I purchased this with the sad reality that it wasn’t going to be very windy on the Northern Beaches and low and behold it was!

This kite really impressed me with its consistent pull and stability in any conditions. Great for freestyle and as it turns out down the line wave riding where the preference is to unhook and surf rather than flinging the kite back and forward.

This kite is like new and comes with all the usual bits, bag, bar, kite and even an unused pump in a bag (which BTW is currently the best pump on the market by far)

$1100 (rrp is over $2100!)


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