Drone / SUP action

So, on Sunday I get a call from Andrew Forsyth saying something along the following lines ‘offshore, big waves, sunny. Bring the Drone!’

Now I’m always up for some fun and getting some cool shots so I hooked up with the boys out at White Rock and got some great drone footage! They guys got SMASHED! kudos to all of those guys for taking some on the head. One thing the drone does is make people show off!

Here are some stills from the video, we’re editing up some shots together and we’ll post em as soon as we see it.

My personal favourites are getting a little too close to one drop in! He looked concerned.. And the 3 SUP carnage in one closeout set. Check out how high that board got! haha..


SOLD : 2013 NAISH PARK 10m – $1100

FOR SALE : 2013 NAISH PARK 10m – $1100

COLOUR: Blue and White

CONDITION: Excellent , still very crispy. Minor repair in the sheet cloth the size of a 5c Piece.

PRICE: $1100

-LINE EXTENSIONS if requested

2013 NAISH ATB BAR. Setup for freestyle and Wakestyle modifications to make it just that much sweeter a bar. NEAR NEW, only used 3 times.

Alex Harrison-Smith