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Now this is how to really rig it! Our good friend Mr Cole recently forgot his spreader bar on a small trip away. With a lack of spares and no shop in sight he went about making the ‘Cole Special’.

Sydney kiter Cole here did the hard yards with this baby, 400km from the tip to PNG waters in rough seas. There is one side effect to doing this however, he’s lost a waste size (that’s good right) and his hips are now wider front to back than they are sideways! He’s also walking like a crab. Good work Nick.

What he’s done here is take you every day tie down strap, loop it multiple time through the metal clips that would normally hold the bar, stick in a few granny knots for good measure and slap a giant shackle on it. I’m impressed that he found all the components required to do this on a 4×4 bus on the track to the tip of Cape York. It gets a full 3/5 chainsaws on the crazy scale from me :)

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