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For those that are unaware, recently I was one member of a team to be the first in the world to successfully kitesurf across the Torres Straits from main land Australia to borders of PNG. This is no mean feat and just to boot I decided to do it unstrapped on a surfboard!

Over the next few weeks I plan to post up regular articles on what I have learnt in taking on such an adventure. Lessons learnt in safety, group kiting, equipment, packing, endurance and what works and what doesn’t. This should save you a big read about the whole trip as there will be many stories coming out but as I remember things I’ll post them up.

If there is anything specific you would like to know about in what we’ve learnt from the trip please comment below on this post and I’ll make sure to try and include it.

Keep checking back for my first post. In the meantime if you want more info about the torres crossing check out or

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