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I received this link to a movie on YouTube that discusses where kite surfing all started back in the day. Lots of now familiar faces who were pioneers. It’s an hour-long so probably not good to sit and watch in the office but if you have time it is well worth a watch. The first 10 minutes provides some good laughs just looking at the old skool equipment and kites. I’m thinking about giving waterskis a go now after watching this just for fun, who’s in?


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Hi folks, we are BACK!!

If you happened to hit the site in the last two weeks you may have seen things looking a little worse for wear, something went wrong in Internet land and the new test website had to be published ahead of time. Unfortunately the web admin Pete was rather in disposed attempting to be one of the first in the world to kite surf the Torres Straits and didn’t get a chance to fix things up.

The good news is that the new site is now LIVE and KICKING and we hope to get posting up in the next few days. I’ll be posting up my Torres Story and a review of the 2013 Blade Trigger 9m and also the 12m when I get to fly it, A review of the warrior harness from Mystic and a story on what I’ve learnt endurance kiting on a surfboard.

So welcome back to the NEW look website. If you want to contact us click the contact button at the top of the page to find us.

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Pete & Rob