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Hi Crew.

Saw some posts on facebook about people prepping for a big session tomorrow so thought I’d better take a look.

Looks like we’ve got a 50/50 on good wind during the day tomorrow, seabreeze forecast has the wind slightly later in the day now and the BOM seems to be agreeing. It also looks like the majority of the wind may pass us slightly offshore.

However, ever the pessimist I’ll call it as a probable kite tomorrow for those willing to take a gamble. It’s probably going to be after lunch and anywhere that is open to a NNW/N wind should be doable. Fishermans is a pretty safe bet and offers some safety inside the reef if it’s going to go a bit more NW. For the more adventurous swimmer kiter then Macaha should offer some pretty good lefts in the surf.

As always with this time of year, watch out for a big westerly swing, we don’t want any choppers out and one way tickets to NZ.

Water temp is a frisky 17.6c so suit up.

If you have a good session or get any good pics don’t forget to email them to pete@kitesurfing.com.au so we can post them up. You can also send us a pic on twitter or a wind update if you are at the beach with a @kitesurfingaus.


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