Blast from the past : A Picnic Point Mission!

Ok, for the last of the ‘Blast from the past’ posts for a while I’ve dug up a vid that I made waaaay back. I sort of remember these times. I was riding a 10m Turbo Diesel back then that I remember correctly was a total handful and really powerful, it was a good kite when it wasn’t inverted and trying to kill you! Emily (if you remember her) was still here and Aya was just learning. Those that remember Das Manly Kite Haus should also remember ‘Arnie’ or Andre the giant and Gav who is still riding the 14m GK Sonic light wind wonder kite.

Picnic Point is up at the Entrance on the central coast. It’s one of the only spots that really works in winter time and can produce some bonkers westerly conditions with epic flat, cold water.

I remember this day as we all bunked off work to head up there for the day on a mid-week mission. It really was cold! I’ve not been up to Picnic Point for a while but the last time I was there the field where we used to launch from is quite overgrown now and the weed in the lake can be a problem. Still it’s a good spot. Actually, I do remember the last time I was there now. It was my birthday in May last year and TwoFin and I both had to buy twin tips so we didn’t have to kite on surfboards all day!

Here is a map of where Picnic Point is for those that don’t know.

[googlemap src=”,+New+South+Wales,+Australia&hl=en&ll=-33.324504,151.491165&spn=0.189909,0.358086&sll=-33.823368,151.307831&sspn=0.188814,0.358086&oq=the+entrance&hnear=The+Entrance+New+South+Wales,+Australia&t=m&z=12″ width=”100%” height=”400″ align=”aligncenter”]