Snow kiting session @ Thredbo

Hi All,

This weekend I managed to get my first good now kite in! I was up in Thredbo for the weekend for a birthday weekend away and managed to sneak away on the Saturday and hook up with a few of the local snow nutters and get a really good session in!

I learnt a LOT in my first proper session that I’ll share at a later time. Some really useful tips that I learnt from the others that make life easier and safer. It’s bloody dangerous on top of the mountain so you need to take care. So¬†after more that 15 years off ski’s I thought I’d strap on a pair and give it a good go, I didn’t break a leg so all went well. Big Thanks to Martin for all the help, can’t wait to get up there with Jen Milton and get some serious training in.

For those people thinking about heading up and giving it a go we’ll get some good safety tips for you up here! Here are some pics that I managed to snap whilst up there. I’m riding the Cabrinha 7m Drifter here (2014) with the new – and fantastic – 2015 X1 Overdrive bar! What a huge improvement!


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