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From March 2006 I’ve found this gem. Rob and the crew over at Wanda in Sydney’s South kitesurfing what looks like a great day. Found this blurb about it too.

Wow. What a day. Tom rings and says “Hey, nor’easter — let’s go to Wanda!” So, packed the car and we’re off. Perfect conditions with sideshore wind and 15-20 knots. The photos tell the rest of the story: Yellow helmet, red board is Johnny B Good Meyer; blue board, red boardies and sunnies is Rob Smallwood;unhooked surfboard rider is Russell Pell. Didn’t get the name of the other blokes. Tom was absolutely ripping but was the only person photographing so we don’t have any shots of him, though I got some great video. Will try and add some frame grabs from the video later. As is always the case, the best waves happend when no one was filming. (currently accepting photography aprenticeship applications from cute chicks who wanna learn to kite… ;-) ) Photos below were taken at the end of the session when the surf had subsided quite a bit. The first session the waves were probably twice the size of these and, egads, were there some scary ones… Tom got one of the first, that I saw from behind, conservatively estimating the back of the wave at 4m. I couldn’t even see his kite behind the wave as he went screaming and hooting down the face. I got one shortly afterwards that I thought was going to completely anihilate me — nearly bailed in the middle of the wave when I looked up and saw the lip about the throw out over me but somehow managed to escape it. And as usual, Johnny B Good nearly got munched at least a dozen times but escaped by the skin of his teeth with only milliseconds to spare in every instance. Ya just have to wanda, I mean, wonder: How DOES he do it???

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