Geraldton gets an early start to the windy season this year… +R.I.P. 9m REV2. Thanks for the good times!

Well, blow me down! Had a walk down to the beach this afternoon about 3pm and low and behold–two days in a row, there’s a seabreeze! Easy 15 knots, perhaps even a bit more at first, and straight cross-shore, and smoooooth as!

Rushed back to the house to grab the gear and then back to the beach only to discover I’d left my pump hose in the garage. Bolt back, grab the hose and pumped up the 9m and off I went. A bit uneasy as it was the first time I’d kited this spot and not a soul in sight anywhere. Flat water and not too deep so wasn’t that worried. Managed about four runs out past the end of the reef and back again and about 100m out on the way back, BANG! No idea, but then looked up to see the kite falling out of the sky! Dang! Swam in, towing the kite, by now full of water. Pulled it up on to the beach to discover that the bladder had manage to make it’s way out through the zipper hold and exploded. At the end of the season earlier in the year, had repaired one of the pesky valve seats and must not have closed the zipper properly. And all that work… So, at this stage, looks like it will probably be retired. ¬†Been a good kite, despite the infamous P-Line issues and otherwise no complaints about it at all. R.I.P. 9m REV2. Thanks for all the good times. Wind only lasted another hour or so anyway and couldn’t be bothered to pump up the other kite.






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