Blast from the past : Long Reef video

Whilst at Longy this morning I looked at the lagoon that is pretty empty and a term popped into my head I’d not heard in ages. ‘The Lagoon of death!” I then remembered that I’d filmed a video way back in 2007 at Long Reef. A bit of digging on the old YouTube and I’ve found its still there. This was before the days HD video on YouTube but I’ve got the HD copy somewhere so maybe I’ll see if I can upload it. Anyway, it’s always good to look back at the old crew (some are still around) Aya, Chris, Mark B, Andre, TwoFin, Gavin and Frankie (Doing what Frankie does best. Massive jumps) and some very strange and still awesome music!

I remember this day being about 25knots southerly and pretty cold. Everyone is in wetsuits except the dog. :)


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