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Hey all,

Recently I was joined into a WhatsApp group for surf in Manly and have found it really useful for finding out whats going on and getting updates of when / where people are going surfing and meeting up for socials.

Asking about I found there was windsurfing one and a SUP one on the Northern Beaches. So why don’t we have a kite one? Well maybe there is, but I’ve not heard of one so I’m setting one up.

If you’ve not heard of WhatsApp it’s very simple, it’s just a messaging app for iPhone or Android or other lesser smart phone, just find it in the app store and install it. It links to your phone number and only people with your number can see that have it installed. No facebook or Tinder required! :) and it’s FREE! One nice feature is that you can disable all group notifications so you can use it when you like or have it alert you the instant something is happening.

So, I’m creating a group for anyone to send wind reports, sessions etc.

To get on the list simply email me your name and phone number to and I’ll add you in.

check out more at

2 thoughts on “New wind update group”

  1. Pete, regarding the whatsapp group, great idea. Just checking though, is your email address correct? It’s listed as @kitesrufing. Should it be @kitesurfing?

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