The NEW Hobbs Carbon Kite Buggy

I’ve had the pleasure of begin across Dave’s carbon kite buggies since initial conception. The first buggy was simply awesome and an engineering marvel to me being all in carbon. We had an opportunity to test out the old one a while back in some seriously stupid wind at Stockton. That was a long while ago now and Dave has progressed to version 2 of the new buggy. Named the H-BOMB this thing is a serious bit of kit!

Dave’s attention to detail is outstanding, the build quality and level of thought shows when you get up close to this thing. This is no toy, its a serious bit of kit!



So what’s changed? Well, a lot! Gone is the carbon backbone replaced with a stainless frame member that is adjustable in length so lanky / short can fit snugly into it. The seat unit has seen a total redesign, still in keeping with the originals looks its carbon on the outside with a custom made webbing seat on the inside supported by hand crafted stainless tubes. I believe the seat is also adjustable for width when you order so thats every dimension of pilot catered for. Other tweaks to the front end for simplicity and reliability have been made and the rear end mounts have had a tidy up with full adjustability for ride height.

Optional fat or skinny wheels for hard / soft sand are available and best of all it breaks down quickly for easy transport.

The Hobbs H-BOMB carbon buggy in action in the Gobi

Now I’m a pretty good kiter but I’m no buggy pilot. But word on the beach is this thing is purpose built to GO FAST, and I like fast. Above is an exclusive pic of the buggy in action during testing in the Gobi Desert.

Well done Dave for knocking out such an awesome bit of kit! Can’t wait to have a go soon :)


For more information check out We are proud that this has been developed and made on the Northern Beaches of Sydney!




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For a fair portion of 2012/2013 our mate Dave has been hard at work on a small private project to build the world best kite buggy. he’s had some great success with his product and it is a pretty serious piece of kit. You can check it out here @

Back in September last year Dave had his first prototype ready to go. The weekend was picked in advance, all leave passes were approved, the location was chosen as Stockton Beach in Newcastle, we were locked in!

Then came the weekend of the 11th September 2012. WIND : 50+ knots. SEA : HUGE. BEACH : err, what beach! The east coast of NSW was hit by a huge storm. It had been brewing for a few days and had not stopped raining for days. But we were locked in so we had to bite the bullet and go.

Now we’ve never used a kite buggy before, we are all good kite surfers but this is different stuff. We opted for the safety of the 1m foil kite and that was getting ripped out of our hands at times on the Saturday. The Sunday proved a little nicer and we could remove some of the snow boarding gear we’d been wearing on the Saturday – in September!.

Anyway, below is a gallery of some of the images we got that weekend. Hope you enjoy.

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