Breeze on! Sat 14th [UPDATED @ 1.45pm]


It’s still windy and there are a few guys still out. It looks like it’s gone a little onshore. If you want to see who’s still there have a look at the DY -> Longy CAM in the WIND, SEA & FORECASTS menu at the top. I see Benny out.. he’s obviously feeling better :)

*** END UPDATE ***

Hi crew.

After a disappointing no show with the wind last night mother nature has come back with a half-decent southerly breeze for Saturday morning. I got here just before 8am and was surprised to see 2 keen chaps just heading out. Wind is a little patchy and gusty and there doesn’t seem to be much south of the pole at longy. The beach today at longy is packed with events on at Dee Why and long reef so take care if it swings more on shore and don’t take any risks close to shore.

Unsure how long the wind will stick about so get in early. I’m just leaving the beach and there is 3 guys out having fun on 10’s and 12’s. The water is super warm too.


Sunday 10th November. Wind!

If you have been under a rock for the last few days you may have missed the forecast for wind starting on Saturday arvo. All forecasts are pointing towards a southerly in Sydney that should hang around until Monday. I don’t think it’ll be the ball busting 40knots like last weekend which isn’t a bad thing but we should see 20knots and some patchy rain that could make make it a little gusty.

For the surfers its looking like nothing special with an 8s wind swell of 2-3 meters. The longer you wait the more the waves will be but don’t be expecting top quality.

As usual take care and have fun. If you have a great session somewhere and get some pics let us know so we can share it.

Todays photo is a busy and flat Dee Why beach. There is a surf festival on so the boats are out charging. Summer is BACK.